Navigators Termly Highlights

In our Navigators own words, we share a snapshot of some of the activities our Dreamers and Navigators get up to on a weekly basis – everything from whānau korero, exciting activities and even issue resolution.


Te Kakano end of term morning tea – by Year 0-2 Whanau Coordinator Laura @ Totara Grove

Our end of term afternoon tea was a great success with 18 families coming along to share kai and visit the classroom.  We had so many more families attend than last term, which I believe is a testament to the relationships and communication happening within Te Kakano. This was a great afternoon to chat informally with whānau about the learning environment and also to farewell the 10 tamariki moving into other Junior classroom in Term 3.


Building whanau relationships – by Year 0-2 Whanau Coordinator Louise @ Tiki Primary

This term, I’ve made heaps of calls to whānau and had plenty of one on one time. I developed a ‘welcome pack’ resource to support whānau to work at home with their tamariki; learning the alphabet and practicing their writing/word wheels. I also included a reward/sticker chart to reinforce positive behaviour and give tamariki a goal to work towards at home. This also gave me an opportunity to talk a little about IHAD and our navigators role when their child reaches Year 3. I was then able to get Facebook details where I could invite whānau onto our page and have another means of communication. The whānau that I have seen have been excited to get home and use the resource, so I’m hoping that it’s been helpful to the whānau also.


Sistema music taster – by Year 3 Navigator Laura

The Sistema music taster with Otangarei and Tikipunga Primary students was a top highlight for me this term. I was able to arrange to have Sam from Sistema plus another tutor and a couple of senior high school students come and run a music session with my dreamers. Both sessions were an absolute buzz the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and so did I. Key to this success: Jumping on the chance to collaborate with an outsider organisation that has similar values and vision for developing and supporting tamariki, making contact early and following up was important.


Lego Club – by Year 4 Navigator Rose

Our Lego Group has evolved purely through a one off activity to get to know two of the boys a bit better. Socially, these boys have some issues in the playground. I was impressed with how well they got along and how in need they are of ‘friends’ and a safe place of belonging. As we sat and I observed them and listened to their conversations, the idea of the Lego Club came about. They were so well connected through Lego and at ease the whole time and they loved the idea. Two of the Dreamers involved are very intelligent and articulate so through further discussion about how clubs and organisations are run, we now have a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and maybe a Health and Safety Officer! We have come up with some of our club rules and we will have an official meeting….hopefully with everyone present. We are also keeping a Lego photo book so photos are taken at the end of a session since Lego will get broken up. 


Otangarei Builders – by Year 5 Navigator Jon

Our OT Builders completed an outdoor table and planter box and gifted these to Te Kura o Otangarei Junior School at a dedicated Whakatau. The dreamers have loved the opportunity to build and create and it’s been amazing to see how well they worked together as a team. We’ve had an incredible amount of support from Resene Whangarei (providing for free 20L of paint, four rollers and trays, four brushes, and three t-shirts), Shed Aroha (providing unlimited plywood offcuts for free and additional items we can auction off) and Konnect Fastening Systems (providing 4kg of screws for free).


Art Class Opportunity – by Year 6 Navigator Marcia

Noah Simon has been a dreamer since Year 3. Art and chess are two main things I know he loves. He has a real eye for detail and patience. Most times at programme (when there is no art) he will come and find a space and sketch in his art book. He finds comfort in doing that, even when there’s a whole bunch of students making noise. He has amazing sketches, and takes his book everywhere. Showing me every week of a new sketch he has done. 🙂 Noah sprung to my mind when this opportunity of an external art class came up. Painting is something he didn’t consider as he loves to sketch, but he has learnt to give it a go and loved it. He was able to get some sketching done too. His mum Haylee, has spoken very highly of the art classes and the stories he brings home and would love to see Noah continue.


Crisis averted – by Year 7 Navigator Vince

A student had arrived at HQ clearly in crisis, displaying emotions of being upset because another student had assaulted him, he felt unsupported in the situation by his teacher and peers. Allowing him to have his say and offer a suggestion as to how he would like to move forward was extremely important. It was his idea that I go speak with the other student, who just happened to be his best friend. He also suggested that apologies on both sides would help. I left the student with other staff at HQ once he had calmed down and spoke with the other student involved. Keeping things positive I spoke to their friendship and how important that is to both of them, the student agreed. I then placed them both into a safe space with myself and reiterated the positives of their relationship, this in turn led to apologies on both sides and smiles all round. Crisis averted.


Mentoring – by Year 8 Navigator Izaak

The mentoring in both Tikipunga High School and Te Kura o Otangarei went well this term. I believe the key to success was having content that was centred around what the Dreamers want to accomplish and not limited to “what do you want to do when you grow up”. This allowed Dreamers to think and dream more without limitation but also eventually get to the point of “how can we make it happen?”.


Generosity – by Year 9 Navigator Daisy

This term I implemented the theme of “generosity” into my ASP’s. It has gone great. I have taken my Dreamers on a few trips to Soul Food to help prep and cook kai for the less fortunate. My Dreamers have gained:

  • A real sense of gratitude and belonging
  • Positive connections with other youth and adults giving back
  • Increase in their social and relationship skills and 
  • Enabled them to feel pride and boost their self esteem

I have been reiterating our message of giving back without expecting anything in return. Discussing with them that we can give back anywhere, at any time. We have had a lot of discussion about how we can give back, what we are grateful for and how giving back has made them feel. Seeing my Dreamers value their time and efforts serving at Soul Food has been very gratifying. They are just happy to help and give back. 


Sport Support – by Year 10/11 Navigator Mo

Supporting the dreamers with their sports has been very rewarding.  I’ve been able to attend trainings, games and do pick up and drop offs.  No matter how big or small, there is much value in being present and giving dreamers your time.  I have approximately 5 dreamers to put into basketball academy next term once I’ve been down to see how I can make it work. The key here is spending quality time to show my interest in each dreamer.  Thus improving relationships, with not only the dreamer but also the whānau .


Falls Estate connection – by Place-based Navigator Piripi

Having our tamariki go to Falls Estate Retirement Village and read with the Elderly and been a huge highlight. The kids love going there and they love spending time with the residents, partaking in a bit of bowling and buddy reading. I am beginning to see real relationships and mutual respect grow which is just awesome for the community.


Continued B-Boy/B-Girl Success – by Navigator Support Sergio

One of my proudest moments was when I watched some of my bboys teaching some of the year two kids how to breakdance. They show great leadership skills. I think a lot of that has to do with the korero around the programmes that I run. They are perpetuating what I teach in class and show lots of positivity. 

My bboy/girl groups are a tight group now. Not only have I created great connections but they have created new connections amongst themselves as well. I have heard great feedback from teachers telling me that their kids are more focused in class after they have joined my programme. I take a more holistic approach with my programmes, it’s not just about dance moves but we focus on work in class as well as what we do outside of school and how we can utilize skills learned in my class in other situations.

After School Programme: Computer Coding
After School Programme: Sistema Music

Note: these written snapshots are taken from the Navigators Term 2 Reports which are shared with schools and teachers during the following term. The video is a reflection of Term 3 Navigator highlights.


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