Be a positive influence on the life of a young person

I Have a Dream Volunteer Mentors have a special relationship with our Dreamers.

Our volunteer mentors provide one-to-one guidance, support, and encouragement for an extended period of time (at least a year, but hopefully longer).

As a volunteer mentor, you’ll have a positive attitude, heaps of patience, and an interest in seeing children succeed. You’ll be a consistent, dependable, and respectful presence in the life of a Dreamer, meeting with them for two to three hours each month to help introduce them to new ideas and concepts, work environments, and opportunities. If your Dreamer is interested in something, you’ll take the time to explore their curiosity in an age-appropriate way, doing activities with them that nurtures their ideas and interests.

You’ll need to be a good communicator and be committed to the ideals, mission, and vision of I Have a Dream – and you’ll know how valuable a good role model can be in the life of a child.

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