How We Work

We inspire and empower kiwi kids to dream, achieve, and succeed.

I Have a Dream is focussed on long-term solutions to create generational change.

Using an evidence-based, whole-child approach, we work with Kiwi kids for up to 15 years, from their first years at school until they move on to tertiary study or employment. We provide wraparound services and do whatever it takes to keep each of our Dreamers on track – because we know that giving kids access to the support and resources they need will lead to improved academic and life success.

The heart of the I Have a Dream programme is our Navigators. These full-time adult advocates work one-to-one with the children in each year level, providing consistent, caring adults whom Dreamers can rely on for their entire journey with us. Navigators have a formal relationship with the school they work in and follow their assigned group of Dreamers through primary, secondary, and tertiary education to provide consistent academic oversight, advocacy, and support. They also engage with the children’s whānau and the wider community.

In 2016, I Have a Dream started the Ngātahi Education Initiative in four low-decile schools in the Whangārei suburbs of Tikipunga and Otangarei. Meaning “together as one”, this programme aims to show how long-term educational investment in a generation of local children will have a positive collective impact on the community as a whole. I Have a Dream Navigators are currently working with over 950 Kiwi kids in these four Dream Partner schools, with the goal of forging pathways into tertiary education or employment for each participating child as well as providing them with an expanded range of opportunities to grow and thrive.

For over 10 years, I Have a Dream has continually engaged professional researchers to evaluate our programme on an annual basis, to measure our progress against our objectives, track impact and to propose any adaptations to our methodologies.

How we help

Our Navigators

Follow each year-level of children from early primary to tertiary education or employment, providing mentoring, academic oversight, and support.

From an early age

We instill values of higher education, career aspirations and life success.

We build partnerships

Between schools, families and the community to ensure every child has the resources, opportunities and networks they need to succeed.

Long Term Support

Is given to each student, walking with them from when they enter primary school to tertiary study and beyond.

Dreamers who have achieved their education goals progress to better jobs and better income, pay more taxes and contribute positively to our community.

Conversely, they will also reduce the negative aspects of community life.

Creating a positive economic impact

$20 million

In income

$10 million


Can be generated by 100 Dreamers


OF Dreamers

Continue to tertiary education, training, or employment


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futures for Kiwi kids.

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