Tevita's Reading Breakthrough

Tevita is one of our Dreamers at Tiki High School, and today we want to share his success.

Tevita has had trouble reading, and has done since he started school. Once coming on board as a Dreamer with us, this became more apparent so between Tevita’s mum and his Navigator Jaycee it was suspected as being Irlene Syndrome. With the help of IHAD, Tevita was taken to the Thrive Tuition for an assessment, and they suspected the same thing.

Irlene syndrome is essentially when certain shades of colour are missing from your iris, making it hard to concentrate and makes perception of depth difficult.

The assessment proved that Tevita’s reading improved significantly when texts were written on blue or green paper, which his school have made an awesome effort with to ensure that he can continue to learn.

The next step for Tevita was his Irlene assessment, which he did yesterday, and it was proven that he does in fact have this syndrome. He couldn’t even describe in words how he felt after the results came back in expect that we was “REALLY Happy” and you could not wipe the smile off his face!

The assessment showed that Tevita is missing blue, dark green and a shade of yellow in his iris. These lenses will now be fused together into one sense and put in a awesome glasses frame of Tevita’s picking.

Tevita and his mum are so looking forward to the start of the new school term with his new glasses.

ka rawe Tevita, you’ve come leaps and bounds in your reading since we started down this track, and we can’t wait to see how far you will go!  #ihaveadream #dreamteam


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