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Rose Welsh

Potential is there in everyone - uncovering it often takes time and the hard work of an effective support network.

Rose comes from a teaching background and is passionate about developing strong relationships to create a solid foundation for learning. Rose is excited by the prospect that as a Navigator, she has a long term opportunity to work with kids and really make a difference to their lives. Rose is already starting to develop effective relationships with her Dreamers and it’s a real motivator.

Rose has always been an strong advocate of Te Whare Tapa Wha, the Maori philosophy of health. Rose believes in creating an awareness of how we can create strength within ourselves, and support others when we are able to recognise the different aspects of well-being. This philosophy underpins Rose’s work as a Navigator.

In her personal time, you’ll find Rose learning new skills or dabbling in art and creative projects. Rose used to work as a Graphic Designer and will still use this skill when the occasion arises to help out friends and family or simply nurture this passion with various endeavours in her spare time.

Rose also has a love of the ocean which has seen her live and work in Tonga as a Dive Instructor. Rose has also sailed around the North and South Pacific and now supports the Whangarei Young Mariners girls group as their treasurer.

Rose enjoys connecting with teachers, whanau and children from different backgrounds and is works hard to provide energising and creative learning environments to nurture the well-being of each Dreamer.


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