Piripi Burt

Piripi believes performing at a high level requires a mix of discipline, patience and integrity.

Phillip Shaun Burt also well known in the Whau Valley community as Matua Piripi
has a passion for music, sports and equipping young people with the necessary knowledge, tools and resources to achieve their personal goals with long lasting positive results.

Phillip completed and passed 5th form certificate Maori at the age of 11 in 1997 which made him the youngest person to achieve a secondary school certificate. With 7 years experience in the trade industry which includes Carpentry, Excavation, Wheels tracks and rollers, Concreting, Drain laying, Landscaping and specializes in Volcanic stone masonry, he enjoys a bit of hard mahi and getting dirty.

Matua Piripi has recently spent the past 6 years in education. The majority of this time was spent at Whau Valley School assuming many different positions. Youth Mentor for R.E.A.L kids leadership Program (2010‐2013), Bi‐lingual teacher aide (2011‐2015), Kapahaka Tutor ‘Nga Matatupu o Whau’ with great success (2014‐2016), caretaker and cleaner (2014‐2016).

Matua Piripi has also had 8 years experience as an entertainer. A former member of ‘Below The Radar’ (2008-2010) and local band ‘Soul Breeze’ (2010‐2015), he is now a vocalist and guitarist in local pop cover band ‘Spiral' (2016‐2017) that has been rocking the North for the past 2 years.


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