Meet the Team: Piripi Burt

Piripi is our first sole School Based Navigator and whilst he has only been part of the Dream Team since September 2017, everyone is feeling the positive difference that has been made at Te Kura O Otangarei.


Piripi has implemented a number of daily themed activities to engage and inspire the kids at Otangarei. These include R.E.A.L Kids, Tidy Tuesdays, Waiata Wednesdays, Thursday Chill and Kai Day Friday.


R.E.A.L Kids

R.E.A.L stands for ‘Respect’, ‘Education’ and ‘Active Learning’. Piripi has brought his knowledge of this programme and cybernetics to help the kids question the personal effect they have on the environment, themselves and how to make positive decisions. The process helps the kids build self esteem, self efficacy and self image. Often, it turns the naughtiest kid in the school, into the best.


Tidy Tuesdays

During lunchtime, Piripi encourages the kids to be responsible for their environment by reducing rubbish and talking with them about environmental challenges. They all pick up any litter and are becoming more mindful and responsible in the process. The best thing is that there is less and less rubbish each week.


Waiata Wednesdays

Piripi has specifically selected two Dreamers and gives them the responsibility of Waiata Wednesdays. The Dreamers are in charge with the full band set up and pack down just like the sound guy would do in a band. Piripi teaches that a bands ultimate goal is to strive for excellence and that this relies on good teamwork.


Thursday Chill

Thursdays are an opportunity to chat and hang out. Piripi uses this time to find out what’s happening in the world of each Dreamer.


Kai Day Friday

Friday’s usually involve a full on Kapa Haka session and so after any solid mahi, the kids learn to put good kai into their bodies.


Piripi says that working in his role as a School Based Navigator has been his dream for a long time.

“When I was young, I worked with a lot of Youth Workers who guided me on the right path. I’m now able to give back and help these kids do what they really want to do”, Piripi says. “It feels effortless and free flowing, therefore I know that what I’m doing is right”.


Thanks to Piripi and his actions, Dreamers throughout Te Kura O Otangarei are more able to express their thoughts and feelings, develop self confidence and grow more responsible in the process.


Read more about Piripi here.


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