Mahi Toi at the Hundertwasser Center

At IHAD we always look for opportunities that align with the tumanako (aspirations) and pukenga (skills) of our Dreamers. In term three we collaborated with the Hundertwasser Centre in the town basin.

Over five weeks Dreamers from Tikipunga Primary and Totara Grove were able to explore the memorial to Friedensreich Hundertwasser, a man committed to restoring the balance between nature and man. Our Dreamers poured over his intricate architectural models, prints and paintings, a composting toilet and an example of his natural water filtration system.

Each week our facilitator Jacinda discussed with the Dreamers the symbolism and techniques Hundertwasser used. She then led them through experimenting with techniques to produce their own works. One activity saw them creating their own design models using materials and glue guns. They also took inspiration from ‘Tohu Whakatipu’, a collection of works from Lonnie Hutchinson, Rangi Kipa and Kaaterina Kerekere during that time. This was a simple but enjoyable and effective multimedia activity.

Many of the activities saw the Dreamers using new techniques or materials. They were often so absorbed in their art that the time passed too quickly. We hope that this experience will encourage our Dreamers to be bold, creative, kaitiaki (conservationists). We know that some of Hundertwasser’s whakaaro (ideologies) have rubbed off on our Dreamers. Didi from Totara Grove reflected on Hunderstwassers flag design and his routine use of the Koru in his design. Tikipunga Dreamer Cedez remembered the importance of injecting your own personality into your building design. This was something Cedez did well! These kaupapa (activities) also encourage whakawhanaungatanga (relationship building) across the kura and the year groups


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