Sergio Bloemen

I always wanted to work with youth and IHAD was the best place to start

Sergio hails from Spain but has made New Zealand his home for over ten years and has been part of the wider Dream Team since 2018, starting out as a volunteer and is now our Navigator Support. Sergio has completed his certificate in Health and Wellbeing at North Tec and sought out working with IHAD specifically because he could relate to the kaupapa. Sergio admits he did not have an easy upbringing, therefore he comes from a unique position where he can understand and empathise with what some of these children are going through. Sergio wants to help these tamariki become better versions of themselves by teaching them a holistic, positive approach to life by using his own experiences as learning tools.

Sergio is motivated by the passion and enthusiasm of his Dream Team colleagues, which mirrors his own approach to life - Sergio continually likes to take on as many challenges as possible, and does so with vigour! It was this passion that brought about the very successful b-boying/b-girling after-school programme, in conjunction with fellow Navigator Piripi. Sergio has been involved in breakdancing for over 15 years and was an instructor back in The Netherlands and it is his personal dream to create his own hip hop academy here in Whangarei.

In addition to breakdancing, Sergio enjoys extreme sports like snowboarding and skateboarding, reading and cooking yummy kai.

Sergio is already making great connections with our tamariki and he has great hopes to see them succeed in everything they do.


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